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Whats New!

April 23, 2013 Model Aircraft Tamiya 1/32nd P-51 D Mustang
April 22, 2013 Model Aircraft P & W Wasp - special projects
April 21, 2013 Model Aircraft Grumman Tracker - modified
Oct 5, 2012 Model Aircraft 442 SQN Mustang IV
Oct 5, 2012 Model Aircraft Gee Bee Z
Oct 5, 2012 Model Aircraft Norseman
Jan. 22, 2012 Model Aircraft Cessna Crane
Jan. 17, 2012 Model Aircraft DHC-1 Chipmunk
August 8, 2010 Model Aircraft Fleet Canuck - 1/32nd scale scratch built
August 8, 2010 Model Aircraft CF-69A "Mud Dauber" Ground Attack
July 11, 2008 Model Aircraft Pulverizer IV
July 11, 2008 Model Aircraft Gloster Meteor Mk III
July 8, 2008 Model Aircraft Avro Anson Mk I
Jan 27, 2008 Model Aircraft Seafire XV
Jan 27, 2008 Model Aircraft Alley Cat Construction Article
    Alley Cat Movie
August 21, 2007 Model Aircraft 442 Squadron DH Vampire Mk 3
August 21, 2007 Model Aircraft Captain Roy Brown's Sopwith Camel
June 5, 2007 Model Aircraft Mustang III - 1/48th scale Tamiya
  Model Aircraft Fairy Battle - 1/48th scale Classic Airframes Kit
June 3, 2007 Model Aircraft DHC 3 Otter - 1/48th scale Hobby Craft Kit
March 12, 2007 Model Aircraft Extra 300L "what if"

Golden Centennaires Tutor

March 19, 2006 Model Aircraft: Lou Hansen's Handcrafted Wooden Model Aircraft
Nov 20th, 2005 Model Aircraft: Billy Bishop's Nieuport 17

Grumman F3F-2 - 1/48th scale Accurate Miniatures Kit

Nov 20th, 2005 Model Aircraft: Italeri 1 / 48th Scale C-130 Hercules
May 23, 2005 Real Aircraft: My Airplane - Grumman restoration Part 2
  Model Aircraft: Hurricane Mk XIIB
Oct 16, 2004 Model Aircraft: Grumman Goose;   CF-5A
Sept 29, 2004 Model Aircraft: Fire Fly Mk I Corsair F4U-1D
Sept. 16, 2004 Model Aircraft: Changes to photos & write-ups:  B-25 Mitchell;  Mosquito;  Hurricane
April 27th, 2004 Model Aircraft: Prometheus;  Extra 300Bolingbroke

My aircraft - additional photos;

Jan 20th, 2004 Real Aircraft: My Airplane - restoration of Grumman AA1A
Sept. 5th, 2003 Model Aircraft: Bud Granley's Harvard
    Grumman F3F-3
  Real Aircraft: Martin Mars - added 3 photos from Okanagan Valley fire, 2003
May 1st, 2003 Model Aircraft: Pitts S2C "Hot Stuff" DH82C Tiger Moth
April 25, 2003 Model Aircraft: Visiting Aircraft Gallery
Sea VixenU2-RSBD-3WildcatSpitfire Mk XIV EFW 190 A-3
BF 109 G-6; Spitfire Mk IX CSpitfire Mk XVI CP-47 Thunderbolt
P-47 Mk II; Ah-64A Apache;
March 12th,2003 Model Aircraft: WWII Fighters - 414 Squadron Mustang - Letter re: Fred (Knobby) Clarke
March 5th, 2003 Model Aircraft: Visiting Aircraft Gallery
 CF-104; CC-137; Harrier; Junkers 86D; LA-7
Feb 20th, 2003 Model Aircraft: Supermarine Walrus "Putsy Putsy"
    Supermarine Walrus "Putsy Putsy" - Construction Article & Decal Review
Feb 13th, 2003 Model Aircraft: Ray Ban Gold Decal Review - 1/32nd Scale Airshow Models.com Kit
  Products: Display Cases for model aircraft
Nov 27th, 2002 Model Aircraft: Yale
Oct 20th, 2002 Model Aircraft: Vancouver IPMS 2002
  Real Aircraft: Martin Mars
Sept 29th, 2002 Model Aircraft: Victoria Scale Modelers Show 2002
Sept 5, 2002 Real Aircraft: Fantasy of Flight 2002
Aug 31st, 2002 Model Aircraft: Jim LeRoy's Pitts S2S Bulldog
Construction Article: Jim LeRoy's Pitts S2S Bulldog
Aug 11th, 2002 Model Aircraft: Royal Canadian Navy - TBM, Fire Fly, Sea Fury
Frank Christensen's Eagles
  Construction Article: Pitts S2B
Aug 5th, 2002 Real Aircraft:  Chino Airshow 1999
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