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443 Squadron Mustang
1:32nd Scale Tamiya Kit

The Royal Canadian Air Force ordered 30 Mustangs from the USAAF in 1947 followed by a further 100 order in 1950.  The Mustang was used primarily by the Auxiliary squadrons until 1956.  443 (Aux) City of New Westminster Squadron was formed in 1951 and given the code GY*(X).  The colour of the lightning bolt came into question during this build and after lengthy investigation of museum and squadron archives, I went with what may or may not be the correct trim colour, Light Blue

Patrick Martin, in his book, RCAF Finish and Markings 1947-1968, writes that  it was Light Blue.  I had breakfast with Jim McInnis, a 443 Sqn pilot who  flew this aircraft on many occasions and confirms the trim was Light Blue..wing and tail tips and canopy skirt

I started the build with the engine followed by the cockpit but the photos were not good enough for this article

The cockpit side wall detailing is very good requiring nothing more than paint and decals. The fuselage interior was completed including the radiator The engine with about 100 bits (no ignition harness) was attach to the firewall and cockpit section  
All of the interior was installed in the fuselage then it was glued together With wing and tail assembly glued to the fuselage it was time to think about other bits The propeller on GY*B was a Hamilton-Standard incuffed unit supplied by Richard ... another P51 Nut!  
Minor modifications needed to the rear plate were all that was required to mate the Monogram prop to the Tamiya spinner The fuselage , flaps and ailerons primed with Tamiya TS-14 Gloss Black and sprayed with Alclad II Airframe Aluminum. The wings, rudder and elevator  primed with Alclad Grey then sprayed with Alclad Duraluminum and Guards Red  
The Leading Edge Decals proved to be very difficult and that is when I decided on the controversial Light Blue trim I made drawings of the required decals and had them printed by Big Jon at Modeldecaldepot.com Note the white square ahead of the "G" which was overlayed on the Red Leaf  
This kit is extremely well engineered and manufactured to very high standards.  There are many tiny Rare Earth magnets holding the pieces of the model together and at times I had difficulty seeing the wee things but it is now finished and is a great addition to the collection.  
The Hornet Badge was salvaged from the LEM sheet as were the upper wing roundels but the rest came from various  sheets This may or may not be an accurate representation of the 443 (Aux) Sqn aircraft but  until a colour photo is produced ... You be the judge.    
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