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Golden Centennaires


In 1967 Canada would celebrate her 100th birthday as a nation and to help bring the country together, the Royal Canadian Air Force was tasked with forming an air demonstration team under Lt.Col O.B.Philp.  The team was to utilize the Canadaire CT-114  Tutor.

To model the Golden Centennaires aircraft, I used the 1:48 scale Hobbycraft kit of the Tutor and a resin detail set mastered by Wayne Hui.  The kit itself needed quite a bit of refining and detailing to finish it properly and the incredible resin accessories helped immensely.  Anyone who has flown the Tutor will recognize the cockpit goodies. 

The seats and centre consol are beautifully detailed requiring only some careful painting.

The sidewalls are very nicely detailed and they fit very well.  A bit of the rear top section of the fuselage had to be ground out with the trusty Dremel tool so that the rear bulkhead would fit properly.

The instrument panel was finished using Mike Grant's instrument decals and a second gear handle was added for right seat piloting.  There are a couple of instruments missing but Wayne Hui could only get so much detail in the tiny panel
The rear of the cockpit cutout was routed out to take the hinges which had to be carved from plastic sheet.  These channels were located using the rear bulkhead detail as a reference.
 The canopy was finished using small bits of plastic to make the map light and mirrors which are missing here.
The Tutor was painted using Sheffield Pale Gold craft paint which matches the original, and Model Master Insignia Blue enamel.  The decals are from Mike Belcher's Tutor sheet which also includes the later Snowbird markings.

The Golden Centennaires only lasted for one year but it was their sparkling performances that finally led to the formation of the  "Snowbirds" Air Demonstration Team in 1971, again under the direction of Col. O.B.Philp with Maj Glen Younghusband as the first leader.

The Team was later granted full squadron status and became 431 Air Demonstration Squadron.




To steal a line from Dan Dempsey's book, truly "A Tradition of Excellence"






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