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Barney's Airforce

Model Construction Articles

  1. Grumman AA1A "Alley Cat" - 1/32nd scale scratch build
  2. Tiger by the Tail - Dehavilland DH82C Tiger Moth -  1/32nd Scale Matchbox Kit
  3. Christen Eagle II - 1/32nd Scale Airshow Models.com Kit
  4. Pitts S2B  - 1/32nd Scale Airshow Models.com Kit
  5. Jim LeRoy's Pitts S2S Bulldog - 1/32nd Scale Airshow Models.com Kit
  6. Hudson Spar Modification - Classic Airframes 1/48th Scale Lockheed Hudson
  7. North American NA-64 Yale - 1/48th Scale Belcher's Kit
  8. Ray Ban Gold Decal Review - 1/32nd Scale Airshow Models.com Kit
  9. Supermarine Walrus "Putsy Putsy" - 1/48th Scale Classic Airframes Kit & WhiskeyJack Decals
  10. C-130E Hurcules - Italeri 1/48th Scale
  11. Fleet Canuck - 1/32nd scale scratch build



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