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Seafire XV

In Sept 1945 the decision was made to acquire an aircraft carrier for the Royal Canadian Navy and two squadrons were formed, 803 and 883 which were equipped with Seafires MkIII.  HMCS Warrior brought 32 Seafires Mk XVs to Canada in March 1946.

Many of the MkXVs were equipped with the "A" frame arrestor hook however PR503 was from a batch with the "stinger" hook in the lower section of the rudder.

This model built from the Hobbycraft lit represents PR503 which was assigned to 883 Sqn.  The kit is reasonably cast but I added Ultracast resin elevators, exhausts and seat. 


The seat is beautifully detailed and painted with Polly Scale acrylics.  The cockpit is finished in British Grey/Green with some dry brushing using light grey and aluminum. 

As it has been too cold to airbrush out in the garage, I used a 1/4" sable flat brush to apply the colour and clear coats.  The RCN scheme of Dark Grey/Light Grey is very close to Br Extra Dark Sea Grey/Medium Sea Grey. The exhausts were brushed with Model Master Burnt Metal.

The canopy is a Squadron Vac-form unit replacing the very poor kit canopy.

The roundels and fin flash are from an old IPMS Canada RCN decal sheet.  The squadron codes on the wings and fuselage were donated by Al Davis after a call for help on the ARC Forum site.  The only kit decals used were the rear fuselage Name and Serial ahead of the stabilizer.

The entire model was given two brushed coats of Polly Scale Clear Satin finish.


So, for Bob McNish, Don Crowe and all you other naval aviators, this entire section is dedicated to you.

Now I need a Banshee and Tracker in 1:48 scale to round out the fixed wing RCN fleet.

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