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Corsair F4U - 1D

The Tamiya Corsair kit was used to recreate the F4U-1D flown by RCN Lt. "Hammy Grey", VC. 

The only modification to the kit was clipping the wing tips to  conform with the RN Fleet Air Arm version.

Lt Grey, a Canadian, was killed on the last day of WW2 while attacking a Japanese ship in harbour.  Even though his aircraft was severely damaged, Grey pressed home the attack, sinking the ship.

The model was painted with Polly Scale over Model Master Metalizer Aluminum.  Small drops of liquid mask were spattered on the aluminum and after painting the PS Blue, masking tape was used to snap off the areas where the aluminum was to show through.
Subtle weathering was done using pastel chalks applied with a make-up brush, liberated from "She Who Runs The Hangar"





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