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Firefly - Mk I

The Grand Phoenix Firefly MkI was built mostly out of box although a resin spinner and prop blades were used to replace the kit parts which were not well represented.

The Royal Canadian Navy received its' first Fireflies on loan from Britain, in January, 1945 and in March of that year, they were embarked on H.M.C.S. Warrior, Canada's first aircraft carrier.


The model was painted with Polly Scale Acrylics and decals were from the IPMS Canada collection. 

This scheme was one of many variations used on the Firefly MkI aircraft.  The upper surfaces are Br. Extra Dark Sea Grey and the lower surfaces Br Sky Type S.  A later scheme changed the lower surfaces to the equivalent of Br Medium Sea Grey...although again suspect.

The photos were taken using a Nikon 8700 in macro mode with aperture priority.





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