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Grumman F3F - 3


  This beautiful little kit was sent to me by John Kelver, whom I met over the internet, and I was certainly surprised to receive this gift last Christmas.  The model went together without difficulty, although I did mess it up by using a light grey paint on the fuselage...so much for using a restored aircraft as a reference!.


  Rich Dann was kind enough to give me some information on the aircraft and it was after talking to him that I learned of his "In Action" book on the Grumman Bi-plane fighters.


  The prop markings are decals, starting with the 6 mm yellow, 2 mm blue and red stripes from Microscale.  I've found that using decals on the prop tips give a far better finish.  I apply the decals and when dry use a piece of 400 wet and dry sand paper to remove the excess.  Just stroke the edge of the prop blade in a downward motion and the results can be seen here.
  The rigging and wing walk were not applied in this close-up but you can see how the decals went on over the Polly Scale Clear Gloss finish.
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