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DH82C Tiger Moth


This old Matchbox Tiger Moth was built for Bob Laidlaw, who just happens to own the original 1/1 scale aircraft.  I scratch-built much of the interior as well as the fuel system, exhaust/heater system and navigation lights.  The rigging in this model is .010" steel wire set into pre-drilled holes.

The rudder control cables made of invisible thread were threaded through the rudder bar extension then through small holes drilled into the rudder horns.

Although you can't see the airspeed indicator in these photos, it is there on the port strut and it does move.  It is made of a thin strand of lamp-cord wire wrapped around a pin then super-glued to the vane and back plate.

The serial numbers were made using a Laserjet 4P printer then coated with Microscale Decal Film.



And this is the Delta Heritage Air Park line-up of Tiger Moths.  The one on the left was the first of these kits, showing my aircraft as it was in RCAF service.  Each of these models received slightly more detailing as I became more proficient with my modelling skills.





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