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In July 1965, The Canadian government ordered the Northrop F-5 as its new Tactical fighter.  The aircraft had very limited range and was totally unsuited for the job at hand. 

The aircraft was not the RCAF's first choice however the government was determined to disregard technical advice and purchased an inexpensive weapons system in spite of its effectiveness.

419 Squadron RCAF was chosen as the training unit for the new CF-5A built by Canadair.  The Tactical Fighter Squadron training was carried out at Cold Lake, Alta.

Classic Airframes F-5 became the basis for 419 Squadrons colour aircraft, nicknamed "Bruce the Moose"


The plastic and resin kit needed a few bits of improvement in the tip tank and drag chute housing areas but this was minor.  The cockpit and wheel wells are cast resin with plenty of nice detailing.

The decals were from Arrow Graphics.  The fit was perfect except for the underside decal and the paint colour match was also exact.

The large Maple Leaf decal was not sized for this kit so the Tamiya masking tape was used to outline the leaf and Testors Chrysler Engine Red was sprayed on.  After the red dryed, I masked and sprayed the wheel wells Aluminum.  The underside scoops and arrestor hook came from an old kit.



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