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Pulverizer IV


A Hasegawa Kit in 1:48 Scale

During 2005, I had built the Hasegawa CF-188D with the intentions of finishing it for my Better Half, in the markings of 410 Squadron 60th Anniversary markings.  Unfortunately the decals proved to be impossible to use due to splintering and curling at the edges. 

The model was set aside until I could do something with it and I wasn’t about to invest another $20.00+ dollars in another set of decals that might not be any better than the first set.

Fast forward to December 2007 and a dinner meeting at the Boundary Bay Flying Club where Harry Hardy, pilot of that famous Hawker Typhoon, “Pulverizer IV” was the guest.  I had built a 1:48 scale model of Harry’s plane and I was anxious to have him sign the model, which he so graciously did. 

Now where does the CF-188D come in?  While thinking about an unusual paint scheme for my dusty Hornet and digging through my mighty decal collection, I came across a set of Arrow Graphics decals for Second World War “Pulverizer IV” and the rest is history.
Dusting off the beast, I brushed on a WW2 British camouflage paint scheme using Polly Scale acrylics, with Medium Sea Grey on the underside and Ocean Grey and British Dark Green on the top.  This was given several coats of Polly Scale Clear Gloss then the decals were applied .
I did add a couple of resin seats to the model to give it the final touch.  So if the guys at the Kool Pool want to copy this scheme I promise not to ask for royalties on the idea…and maybe they should do something like this to honour those real heroes of that conflict so many years ago.

And here are the two versions of “Pulverizer IV” and a tribute to our heroes of old.



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