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Extra 300

This is another of the multi-media kits from Airshowmodels.com...the Extra 300.  The fuselage is in two pieces, joined vertically.  The detailing is excellent and there is still plenty of opportunity for the super detailers to add to the interior.
This model is finished in the standard factory scheme but then the Chilean Air Force "Halcones" markings are added.  The kit provides both the Halcones and standard civilian registry decals for any country.  The decals are printed by Fantasy Print Shop in the UK and are opaque enough without being too thick.
As you can see the "Halcones" aircraft does not have the side and bottom window panels and this is provided for in the kit.
This model is of Denny Dobson's Extra which is flown on the UK airshow circuit.  You can see the side window panels in this photo.  In producing the construction manual for the kit, I have detailed this feature in macro photos.
The decal pin-striping on both of these prototype kits was a challenge to figure out but I managed to get it right after a bit of a struggle...then Greg Thompson, our Master- of- all- things-graphic, came up with a mask to make the job easier.

These models were displayed at Seattle IPMS show and this one won 1ST Place and the Halcones 2ND Place in their category.






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