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Skip Stewart's Prometheus is a highly modified Pitts S2S.  The wings are from Raven Aircraft of Surrey, BC and of course the aircraft carries the logos of Airshowmodels.com and Horizonsnz.com producer of the graphics for these great little kits.

Prometheus, like the previous members of the Airshow family is a 1/32 scale multi-media kit featuring resin, cast brass, photo-etched brass and vacu-formed parts.  The model was very easy to build and no, the flames on the nose were not hand painted.

One important improvement in this kit is that the main gear legs are cast brass with two split fairings at the top, making for a very sturdy model.
I had intended taking this model along with the rest to the Seattle 2004 Spring Show, but Pete Groves wanted it very badly for display at Lakeland, Florida for Sun'n Fun EAA Fly-in.  The model was box and shipped and it is probably sitting on Skip Sterart's desk by now.






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