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Bud Granley's Harvard


  This aircraft and its' pilot, Bud Granley are well known on the air show circuit on the west coast.

Bud learned to fly as an Air Cadet, joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and later flew for United Air Lines.  He has his own air show company and the entire Granley clan flies an assortment of aircraft.  Two of Bud's sons flew with 431 Air Demonstration Sqn..."The Snowbirds".






The model is the 1/48 scale Ocidental Harvard kit which was built out of the box.  The rear canopy frames were removed as was the roll-over pylon.   The finish on this model is the Sheffield Pale Gold lacquer used on the original "Golden Hawks".

The decals for this aircraft were produced by Gord Parker, Whiskey Jack Decals of Chilliwack, BC.  They are printed on an Alps Printer and are very accurately re-produced although quite fragile.  I top coated the decals with Microscale Liquid Decal Film to protect the printing.






I would highly recommend the decals to anyone interested in adding this interesting model to their collection.  Now we need decals for Keith McMann's "Red Knight" Harvard...Reno Racer #66.

The Easi-Mask vinyl canopy masks worked very well...just follow the directions.  I used warm water with a touch of liquid dish soap on the canopy and dipped each mask into the solution as well, allowing me to position the mask accurately before pressing it down.  They produced a clean fine line and were quick and easy to use.





Whiskey Jack Decals can be ordered from Gord at:




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