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After reading a book by Tom Clancy, and a thread on ARC about "What-If" schemes, I came up with the idea of carrying the story line a little further in line with the original with a purely Canadian twist Eh!

With the Canadian Forces completely disbanded and the bad guys attacking Fort Mac from the north and our friends trying to secure our oil reserves via Calgary, a few stalwart retired RCAF/CAF folks in the Kool Pool area decided to set up their own ground attack squadron with Brig Gen "Guns" Watson as their chief pilot.

But what about their aircraft?  Well someone had an old Extra 300 hidden away at a secret airfield and this was used as the basis for the new 409 Squadron.  Called the CF-69A "Mud Dauber", this heavily armed machine was the pride of the new RCAF's inventory.

The basis for this very accurate model replica is the Airshowmodels.com Extra 300 in 1:32 scale.  Some of the pieces are resin kit items while others are scratch built.

x The instrument panel and other interior items were completed from spares box and inserted into the fuselage halves which were salvaged from a damaged kit.  The instrument decals are by Mike Grant Decals of Calgary. 

Now while the retirees in the north were gathering pieces for this machine, the CAFs last pilot, "Guns" retired and moved to the war torn northern Alberta secret airfield to supervise the building of her fighter.

The airframe was completely gone over and while this task was underway, the "troops" were busy assembling weapons from any and every source possible.  The old spares box provided cannons from a desert Hurricane, missile from a TBM, bombs from who knows and cluster bomb units from a CF-104 accessory resin kit by Mike Belcher.

And of course my Better Half made a comment that it just would not be much of an all-purpose fighter without Sidewinders.

With the U/S Marines fighting their way into Calgary, a group of Loyal Newfies quickly brewed a couple of tanker trucks full of "Screech".  This potent weapon was turned loose on the unsuspecting Marine striker force and Calgary was saved from any further collateral damage.  Of course the Marines had the worlds worst hang-over when they came too in the make-shift prisoner of war camp set up in the stadium.

The friendly "invaders" were given back their HumVees and a map of Montana and given explicit instructions on how to leave the country ASAP.  The victorious Guys from the "Rock" kept the weapons and flak jackets and headed back to Fort Mac.

The Kool Pool Air Force quickly painted the "Mud Dauber" in a Grey/grey scheme with old style RCAF markings while the weapons section prepared the Dauber for war against the ground bound Red Bears advancing from the north.
While the fighting drew closer to the secret airfield, "Guns" began doing taxi tests and determined that the old Extra needed some "extra" power and the tired old Lycoming io-550 was replaced by a 1000 hp customized V8 muscle machine.  The added power was needed to get the Dauber off the ground with all that junk hung under her wings.
All there was left to do was to apply the "new" 409 Squadron markings and "Guns" was ready to kick butt.

With the Newfies in control of the southern land operations, "Guns" was able to finish off the invaders from the north.  And that is what Clancy left out of his book...forgot the name of it but it was a quick read anyway!

Did I mention that this was started for "Silly Week" on AircraftResouceCenter.com




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