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Captain Roy Brown's Sopwith Camel

On the 28th of April 1918, during a vicious dog fight over the French countryside the The Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen, was shot down while chasing a Canadian, Wilfred "Wop" May.  For many years the credit for the shoot down was given to Capt Roy Brown, another decorated Canadian serving in the Royal Flying Corps.

There is some thought that the Baron was brought down by ground fire but that is a dispute that will go on for years.


This model was built from the 1:48 scale Eduard kit with decals from a number of sheets from the spares box.  In trying to get accurate markings there was at least 4 versions of Brown's scheme but this the result of taking the best information available to me.

The kit is beautifully moulded in brown plastic with a small fret of photo-etched metal parts.  The fit was very good but you have to be very careful in installing the firewall.  I had heard complaints of poor fit in this area but it was necessary to go slowly to get things in place.


The instrument panel is very tiny and a good magnifying glass is required to install the kit supplied instrument decals.
The rigging is a mix of very fine steel wire and monofilament line glued into pre-drilled #80 holes.  This was a very tedious job but nowhere as trying as installing the control wires which were fabricated from "invisible" sewing thread
The engine is a little jewel and it is a shame to close it up in the cowling.  The spark plug wires are fine copper speaker wire strands set into pre-drilled holes.

The finish on the model is entirely Polly Scale brushed on with a flat Red Sable brush.  The entire model was painted and decalled prior to assembling the upper wing.

This was a delicate model to finish but well worth the effort.



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