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133 Squadron Hurricane Mk XIIB

In keeping with my RCAF historical theme and my connection with Boundary Bay airport, I chose the Hasegawa Hurricane to represent an aircraft of 133 Sqdn RCAF based at The Bay during Oct 1942 to June 1943.  Airframe 5398 is a Canadian built Mk XIIB which was donated to the squadron on 16 July 1942 and named "March of Dimes".

This model was modified using some of Ultracast's goodies as seen here.

The Ultracast seat and armour plate were used in the cockpit, finished with Polly Scale paint and a bit of dry-brushing with Flat Aluminum.
The wings were re-scribed to reflect the paneling on a Mk XIIB, 12 gun aircraft.  The leading edge was drilled for the gun positions and the #5 gun muzzles were added from the spares box.
The new Ultracast engine front and propeller assembly are a beautiful addition, fitting perfectly into the front of the fuselage.

As this was built during the coldest part of the winter of 2005, I hand brushed the underside Sky and the topside Dark Earth.  The Dark Green was airbrushed using the tape and thread method for a soft edge, followed by hand brushing the Polly Scale Gloss Clear.

Decals were added from the kit and the model was hand brushed with two coats of Polly Scale Clear Satin.

There is no serial number shown on this model because during this period, all home defense aircraft serials were painted over for security reasons.  133 Sqn was responsible for shooting down 2 Japanese fire balloons, a number of which did set fires in the forests of British Columbia during WW2.  




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