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Mustang III

During the Second World War, the Royal Canadian Air Force squadrons flew many different types of aircraft including the Packard Merlin powered Mustang III.  This particular aircraft was turned over to 443 Squadron late in the war and it was used in a variety of missions for a short time.

The P-51B/Mustang III was field modified during its short career and this represents only one of those mods...the Malcolm hood canopy. 

The IPMS Canada newsletter carried an excellent article by Randy Lutz on this particular aircraft but that was after I had this model painted and awaiting the decal sheet from the Sweating Beaver and I was not about to mess with the natural metal finish to add the other modifications in Randy's article.  So no dorsal fin or vent grills on this one although sources say that they were added prior to the end of hostilities.
The Tamiya Mustang kit was a very quick build with no fit problems what so ever.  But then the decision had to be made as to how I would achieve a natural metal finish on a weary war horse.

To get the right look, I sprayed a couple of light coats of Model Master Gloss Black enamel and gave it a day to set-up.  While still slightly tacky, I applied SnJ Aluminum powder using a Q-Tip followed by a rough polishing with an old cotton sock.  The tonal changes in some of the panels came about as a result of being a little too rough in the polishing.  The fabric covered control surfaces received a light coating of Alclad II Duraluminum.

Decals were applied directly over the SnJ powder finish.  Weathering was done using pastel chaulks applied with a Q-Tip and the careful use of a pink eraser on the well worn wing root sections.  This latter technique implies just the right amount of scuffing that would be seen on the real thing.



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