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Grumman Goose

The RCAF obtained 31 Grumman Goose aircraft starting in 1938 and these served in many rolls until 1956.
Airframe 941 is finished in the final scheme approved for the type.  It was sprayed with Aluminum lacquer to protect it from corrosion.
The Czech Models kit was used here to replicate 941...but not without plenty of problems.  The interior bulkheads were all about 1 mm oversize and have to be sanded down.  The wing centre section leading and trailing edges had to be sanded down to get a proper fit.
The clear windshield section would not fit when applied to the fuselage.  A .040" strip of plastic card was inserted between the two halves and this solved the problem.  One other misfit was the instrument panel which had to be installed back to the apex of the windshield centre point.
The wing tip floats were very  weak but I used .008" stainless steel wire for the rigging.

The model was painted with Alclad II and Model Master Guards Red.

The decals came from the spares box.







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