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P & W Wasp
Williams Brothers Kit - Scale unknown

About 2007, a friend gave me a box of old kits, one of which was this Pratt&Whitney Wasp Junior engine by Williams Bros.  It looked like it might be a challenge to build but by carefully following the instruction book, it proved to be a fun project.
Each cylinder was a small kit in itself with two halves of the barrels and rocker heads The crankcase, gear box case and induction manifold along with the cylinder retainer rigs The carburetor and magnetos built up next  
The rear case with all of the accessories came next Test fitting the propeller hub and cylinders The rear case assembled and ready for paint and small bits  
Some of the small black plumbing pieces added Small bits added to the cylinders Prop hub glued in  place.  
Linkages added to the carburetor All 9 cylinders installed More wee bits  
Spark plugs..all 18 ..painted Rear case with all the bits'n pieces painted Then glued in place along with the induction tubes  
Push rod tubes added and the ignition wiring in place The wiring is #32 electrical wirie, exhaust pipes added and painted with Model Master Burnt Metal Each wire is of a different length, plug boots added to the wire and connected to the plugs  
Scratch-built stand from square section Evergreen plastic tubing I have no idea how many pieces in this kit but it is finished Comparing the engine to my 1:32 scale Grumman-American AA1A  
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