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B-25 Mitchell

During WW2, the RAF built a training base in Delta, BC for Multi-engine crew training utilizing the B-25D Mitchell and the B-24 Liberator.  Over the short life of 5 OTU, 192 crews were turned loose.  The RCAF took over the base in 1944 and continued producing aircrews for the war effort.

This model was built from the Accurate Miniatures B-25B kit and modified to represent the type used at Boundary Bay.

The model was finished using Polly Scale paints.  The engines were detailed using fine copper wire for the ignition harness and steel wire for the valve push rods.  The propeller hubs were drilled out and brass tubing used as a bearing surface to spin the props.
The side blister gun positions came from a sacrificial Monogram B-25J, the fuselage positions cut out and the blisters installed.  This took a bit of effort but it was wother it.
The navigators blister on top of the fuselage was added and the cowlings from the Monogram kit had the exhausts drilled out then installed on the model.





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