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Visiting Aircraft

We have set this page up to display models of friends whose works might not otherwise be seen.  We will up date it as new photographs are received.  Always keep in mind that this is a hobby, it's fun, and the photos in this gallery, if not perfect contest winners, are the work of great people doing what they enjoy most...3D art.


CF 104 "Starfighter"



Junkers 86D



Boeing CC-137






Harrier AV8B



Harrier GR5


Dehavilland Sea Vixen






SBD-3 Dauntless


F4F Wildcat



Spitfire Mk XIV E



FW 190 A-3 


BF 109 G-6



Spitfire Mk IX C



Spitfire Mk XVI C


P-47 Thunderbolt



P-47 Mk II



AH-64A Apache





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