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During the Second World War, The RCAF utilized a great many Noordyn Norseman aircraft in the utility role and with the end of hostilities, they were sold off to Civilian operators.  The Province of Saskatchewan purchased this aircraft along with others to form Saskatchewan Airways.

CF-SAM along with her twin CF-SAN were used in the air ambulance and smoke jumper roles and many folks owe their lives to the men who flew these old workhorses.

The Modelcraft kit was the basis for this 1:48 scale model..only because it was the only game in town.  Details are questionable and sparse but I started with the cockpit adding seat belts, an instrument panel with a few improvements, but very little else.
The wheel landing gear was a joke, being nothing more than a flat rectangular blob of plastic (on the left) so I scratch-built new correct gear legs, used wheels from the spares box and made the axels and oleos from brass tubing.  Torque links made from brass were also added.
Before final assembly, I painted the thing with Polly Scale then clear coated the entire model.

The decals were from Whiskeyjack Decals, Alps printed and very high quality.  The large lettering on te wings went on beautifully and when clear coated, the carrier disappeared.

The model was assembled and then new lift/drag struts were fabricated from airfoil shaped strut material as once again I was dealing with a square section blob..more like a miniature 2x8 piece of lumber.
During the decalling process,the pin stripping for the right side was damaged so I used the original markings as Gordon Parker had included both schemes on the sheet.
CF-SAM was rescued by our team from the hands of a fellow that wanted only the engine and was going to burn the rest of the aircraft.  We managed to pursuade him to give up the airframe and it has since been completely restored.  It sits today in the Western Developement Museum in Moose Jaw , Saskatchewan







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