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DHC 3 Otter

This model was built from the 1:48 scale Hobbycraft kit with Arrow Graphics decals representing an aircraft from 402 Squadron (Aux) , City of Winnipeg.  The kit is quite basic although the  external detail is fairly good.  There is very little interior detail so the scratch-building skills will have to be dragged out if you want a full detail cabin and cockpit.  The finish on the model is Model Master enamels and Alclad II Duraluminum.  For some reason, the wings took a nasty droop after everything was finished but I was not about to try fixing the beast.
The single engine Otter was developed by DeHavilland Canada during the late 1950s and I was working in the control tower at Downsview, Ont during the period.  There were Otters coming off the assembly line in many liveries including those for the Royal Canadian Air Force.  The RCAF was to utilize the Otter in the Search and Rescue and light transport rolls for many years with the Auxiliary squadrons using it on wheels, skiis and floats and some on amphibious floats.

From the photo caption, the Otter acquired a few nicknames but like its smaller brother, the Beaver, it has seen exceptional service all around the world and is still in big demand 50 years and more since it went into production.

Many Otters have been converted to turbine power with the Pratt and Whitney PT6 being fitted.  One of the prime users of the Turbine Otter is Harbour Air of Vancouver, BC and it is interesting to realize that Viking Air of Victoria, BC has the Type Certificate for the manufacture of new Otters components as well as the other Type Certificates for the other DHC aircraft up to the Dash 7.







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