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Billy Bishop's Nieuport 17


Canada's highest scoring "ace" of World War 1 was William Avery Bishop, with 72 victories.  For his gallantry, Billy received the British Commonwealth's highest decoration, the Victoria Cross.  This model represents the replica aircraft in the National Aviation Museum in Ottawa, Ontario.
This model was built from the Eduard 1/48th scale kit, just as it came out of the box.  The cockpit has a bit of detail which is difficult to see due to the size of the model.  The fit was very good.  The basic construction was taken to just prior to adding the upper wing and at that point, it was primed with Polly Scale Light grey and then finished with Alclad II lacquer.  The decals were added and the rest of the model assembled.
The rigging of .008" steel wire was installed into pre-drilled holes and the control cables were made from stretched "sprue".  This was one of the nicest biplanes that I have had the pleasure to build.
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