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Lockheed Hudson

The Classic Airframes kit was the basis for this model.  Other than the spar modification, it is pretty well out of the box.  The aircraft was a bomber that had been converted to a transport and used as a V.I.P. machine on the west coast. 

The paint job started out using Alclad II which unfortunately went wrong.  After Bondo strongly suggested a gloss black base, I resprayed using Model Master enamel then while the paint was still tacky, I accidentally dropped some SnJ aluminum polishing powder on the wing...and the rest of the story.....

Link to Classic Airframes Hudson Spar Modification - (to ensure wing strength)


The idea of a partly polished airplane came from an occurance at Downsview, Ont with 436 Sqn, to which I was attached.  I got into deep....one day and the Wing Commander suggested in no uncertain terms that I stay out of trouble or I would be spending the rest of my air force career polishing his C-119s

That's me with the polishing rags!


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